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FLEET FEET FIT X-Training for Runners:

Want to add a twist to your training schedule? Fleet Feet FIT X-Training is a Runner Specific Strength and Conditioning Program led by Nikki Hightower and developed by Bryan Graham, MPT, XPS Trainer. Fit, Fast, Strong- This program is open to both new and advanced runners.

Program Benefits:

  • Increase speed by improving running mechanics and agility. 
  • Develop power through strength training and plyometrics. 
  • Learn to improve and control energy systems on race day. 

Training Will Be Held At:

 2030 SE Ocean Blvd. Stuart FL, 34996


Meet Nikki:


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Program Start: Check back for details!
Program Schedule: Wednesdays 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Program Fee: REGISTER AT OPI for the Full Session $80 or Drop in $10 -
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