Newsletter June 2014


If you haven't had the opportunity to run a race with your family, I would encourage you to add it to your bucket list.  Carolyn and I had the opportunity to go to Chicago this past Memorial Day weekend and run the Soldier Field 10 mile race.  We ran with our son Tyler, his wife Mackenzie, our daughter Megan and her boyfriend Brian.  The start was at Soldier field.  The course took you along Lake Shore Drive with the perfect view of Lake Michigan.  The sky was clear and blue and the temp was perfect for racing. As you entered the stadium for the finish, the crowd was loud, you could see yourself on the Jumbotron and then you finished on the 50 yard line of Soldier Field.  It was a pretty awesome experience and it gave us all some great memories to share.

 It's hard to believe it's June already.  There is a lot on the calendar this month.  Father's Day is coming up so we have given you some great gift ideas.  Fleet Feet Track Speedwork started and it was a great turn out of every level.  You can still sign up or just do the drop in on the weeks you want to come.  Amber Allore is your coach so if you want to get faster and in better condition, Amber will get you there.  Check out this month's Fun Run and all of the training coming up.

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